Protech Appraisals and Inspections
                      "Only a Technician Knows Condition"
Heavy Equipment Appraisals

All heavy equipment appraisals are performed by a former Cat certified technician, CAA certified appraiser, USPAP credited with over 35 years experience.

Why should you use Protech Appraisals?

1) Only a certified heavy equipment technician with decades of experience can properly evaluate the condition of major components and their systems. This is the first step in putting a value on anything mechanical.

2) After a thorough inspection of machine (not just taking pictures) the many years of experience purchasing, repairing, selling, auctioning, managing and appraising heavy equipment is put to use.

3) The value put on your heavy equipment appraisal is backed by knowledge and certifications that is unsurpassed in the industry and is setting a higher standard.

4) You can bank on it!

When purchasing or investing in the used heavy equipment market there is always a certain level of risk involved. The only way to eliminate some of that risk is to use the most competent, qualified, experienced professionals in the field today. These professionals will have the extensive technical knowledge and background to get an accurate assessment of condition (good or bad) and then apply this to their vast certified heavy equipment appraisal experience to come up with a number you can bank on. Whether it is for the contractor looking for an asset based loan or the bank providing it, Protech Appraisals can give you the confidence that the value put on your investment is backed by decades of knowledge in both the technical and appraisal fields.

Having the skills to identify costly repairs that greatly effect value takes years of experience. If you are trusting the opinion of condition which is directly related to value to someone who has no certified technical background then the owner, buyer, seller, insurer or bank is at some point going to suffer the discrepancy. We offer a premium service at a fair price and are proud to be in the heavy equipment appraisal industry setting a higher standard.

Here at Protech Appraisals our goal is to assure our customers that their investments have been appraised by the most qualified, competent, ethical and unbiased professionals available today.

* Pre Auction Inspections * Desktop and Summary Appraisals * Financial Institutions * Insurance  replacement cost or risk management * Equipment sales or purchases * Financial Reporting * Asset-Based Loans and Procurement of Financing * Divorce and Estate Settlements * Global Valuation and Inspection Services * Due diligence for mergers or acquisitions *  

We will provide you with a certified heavy equipment appraisal and inspection by a certified technician and certified heavy equipment appraiser that will be backed by technical and appraisal skills unmatched in the industry.

Anyone can take pictures and do data research but only a seasoned professional with technical and appraisal skills should be evaluating heavy equipment or performing heavy equipment appraisals.

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