Protech Appraisals and Inspections
                      "Only a Technician Knows Condition"

Heavy Equipment Appraisal Services

Protech Appraisals offers heavy equipment appraisals and inspections by a certified technician and certified appraiser that is unmatched in the appraisal industry.

          We provide competent, unbiased and ethical services for the following;

* Pre Auction Inspections  * Financial Institutions * Insurance  replacement cost or risk management * Equipment sales or purchases * Financial Reporting * Asset-Based Loans and Procurement of Financing * Divorce and Estate Settlements * Global Valuation and Inspection Services * Due diligence for mergers or acquisitions * One Piece or an Entire Fleet * 

The heavy equipment appraisal industry is in need of qualified heavy equipment appraisers that have a technical background to support their findings. There are millions of dollars trading hands daily that have no technical supporting structure to uphold an accurate assessment of value based on mechanical condition. This is a weak link in the system and investors should use extreme caution in protecting their investments.

I think in todays market it makes more sense to have a good preventive maintenance program in place and run your heavy equipment longer to get the full life out of it. If you look at resale value at this end of the spectrum then you will see everyone on a more even keel. So now paying the premium price upfront is something to consider over the long haul. You might even go into it knowing there is a shorter life but the cost upfront justifies it. Every business owner knows what works best for him or her but I think there are more options on the table with a super competitive heavy equipment market.

If you invest in used heavy equipment then you know the risks involved in paying too much or getting burned with costly repairs. Only an experienced heavy equipment technician with a strong appraisal background can lessen these risks.
No matter what continent you live on or what continent you need heavy equipment appraisals on, Protech Appraisals will travel the globe to give our clients the confidence they deserve.


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