Protech Appraisals and Inspections
                      "Only a Technician Knows Condition"

Heavy Equipment Appraiser Certifications

Certified heavy equipment appraisals and heavy equipment inspections by a certified technician and certified appraiser with over 35 years experience.

The President is a former Certified Cat Technician
Credited and Compliant with the Uniforms Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)
Certified CPPA by Continental Appraisers Association with special designation as;
  *Certified Construction & Earth Moving Machinery Appraiser
  *Certified Mining/Quarry/Aggregate Machinery Appraiser
  *Certified Forestry Equipment & Machinery Appraiser
  *Certified Cranes and Heavy Lifting Machinery Appraiser
  *Certified Asphalt/Concrete/Paving Machinery Appraiser
  *Certified Heavy and Industrial Machinery Appraiser
  *Certified Farm & Agricultural Machinery Appraiser
  *Certified Automobiles & Heavy Truck Appraiser
Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, Certified Correctional Officer (Heavy Equipment Repair Instructor)

If you need a certified heavy equipment appraisal then you also need a certified heavy equipment technician. It takes extensive knowledge in both fields to give an accurate estimate of value based on condition that is only recognizable to a professional. Why pay for half when you can get the best of both worlds and have confidence in your investment for the same price.

If you were buying a used car would you take the salesperson's word for its value and condition or would you prefer your technician's opinion? Now on top of that let's say your certified technician is also a certified appraiser and manager with 3 decades of experience. Bingo! So why would you invest in heavy equipment with any less of a standard? 

With a changed economy comes a changed business model. Today I see more businesses getting creative in being more diverse and also finding ways to cut costs and save profits. The heavy equipment industry is very competitive with many Chinese and Japanese equipment manufacturers entering the market. By checking prices, considering parts availability and service support I believe there are some great opportunities for the ones who spend the time to do the research.  

Taking full advantage of your assets and cash flow is still just one more way of staying on the survival list. This is where an accurate appraisal of value comes in and plays a very important role in the process.


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