Protech Appraisals and Inspections
                      "Only a Technician Knows Condition"

Heavy Equipment Appraiser Qualifications

All heavy equipment appraisals are performed by a certified heavy equipment technician and certified appraiser with over 35 years experience.


 The President of Protech Appraisals has over 35 years in the heavy equipment industry. Twenty years as a certified technician with many Cat certifications and an extensive background in the diagnostics and repair of most all major manufacturers and their components. For the past fifteen years he has been the Fleet Manager for one of the largest site development and underground utility contractors in the southeast. His responsibilities included but was not limited to overseeing all technicians and fabricators, purchasing and sales of all new and used heavy equipment, inspecting and appraising heavy equipment at auctions, dealers, brokers, financial institutions and distressed companies looking to liquidate.

The decades of knowledge has developed into the ability to identify problems by sight, sound or characteristics often overlooked by the inexperienced inspector. This ability has also been very useful in identifying equipment that is in good shape and has been properly maintained so that it would be appraised at a higher value and not the same as a comparable that looks the same to an untrained eye.

My goal is to protect the buyer, seller, investor, insurer and financial institutions from the huge void in the heavy equipment appraisal industry. The average cost of a piece of heavy equipment is often more than the average cost of an American home. If you want to decrease the risk in your investments then you need to use the most qualified appraiser and inspector on the market. Don't take my word for it just ask your appraiser how many technical certifications they have and then you decide.
Heavy equipment can be very expensive to repair and a bad purchase can cost you a fortune. Don't take advice from anyone except a certified heavy equipment technician with a certified appraisal and management background.

Bottom line, there is no way anyone can know the condition or value of anything without having full knowledge of its makeup of internal and external components. Seeing through steel sounds pretty far fetched but to a trained professional that knows what to look for it's not as impossible as one may think.



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